Immigration & Reform


Legal immigrants have always added to what makes America great. Most of us are descendants of or first-generation immigrants. Our country was built from founding settlers and immigrates who assimilated as citizens in a new country, drawn by its greatness, its freedoms, and its Constitution. Protecting that tradition of welcoming legal immigration is vital to our country's well-being. The fact that we take in a million new legal immigrants a year shows this. 


However, our immigration system is broken. Rushing borders, overstaying visas, chain migration, and anchor births are unfair to those waiting to come in through proper legal channels. This overwhelms resources such as schools, hospitals, law enforcement, housing, security, and us the taxpayers.  No other country allows this kind of breach of sovereignty. America has the right and responsibility to enforce the laws that work. I will work to reform the laws that need adjusting. I will advocate for legal immigration and work permits utilizing a merit-based system ensuring we have self-sustaining individuals that will not be dependent on our tax dollars to live here.